March 25, 2010 0

Limited Language

In stumbling around trying to formulate a clear question for my first theory essay I stumbled upon Limited Language.

Limited Language is a brand which uses the web as a platform for generating writing about visual communication. the idea of the brand in this context is a deliberate conceit – to explore how words, like images, are commodities.

I was specifically looking at M/M’s recent work with Nicolas Bourriaud in designing the Altermodern catalgue and found an article looking at their practice as an example of Semionauts:

What makes M/M Paris interesting isn’t that they have worked in on-going collaboration with many of Bourriaud’s artists or, even, that they believe they are dealing with the same questions or social realities as the artists they work with. Instead what is crucial is that they can feel, as graphic designers, able to enter into debates and questions asked by Bourriaud’s relational aesthetic whilst communicating as designers with “… the means to answer these [questions] using real networks of communication.”

In occupying these spaces (or interstice) of communication artists and designers become a foil for the artist who – traditionally – provide trapped (ideological) representations of the ‘real’ that at best, can provide solace or commentary rather than discourse. The relational designer or artist – as semionaut – initiates a starting point, a trajectory – creating work which drip feeds into the consciousness and is not snared by its own finitude.

They’ve written an article on the Eye blog about M/M’s design of the Altermodern catalogue. They also wrote an article titled, Part of the Process, that focused on Bourriaud’s Relational Aesthetics and how it might apply to designers. Along those lines Paul Elliman also has some interesting things to say about designers and Relational Aesthetics.

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